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Evaluation of High Grade Limestone Deposits


Select deposits of High Purity Limestone are being evaluated in a bid to quantify this available resource and also to determine their trace metal components specifically as it relates to their application in food products.



A review of all available information on Jamaica’s mineral resources is being undertaken to update Bulletin No. 8 the “Mineral Resources of Jamaica” last revised in 1981.  This effort will see the production of a comprehensive report providing information on all the major categories of resources (metallic, non-metallic, energy, minerals springs) present in Jamaica.  It will commence with the creation of Mineral Resource Maps summarizing the resources present in the different regions of Jamaica.  These maps represent an enhancement to the standard geological maps and will serve as a planning tool and a guide to investors seeking information on the island’s resources.

RARE EARTH MINERAL POTENTIAL OF JAMAICA (2009 – 2010) (2011 – present)

Metallic mineral research by the Economic Minerals Unit in recent years has expanded to include assessment of metallic mineral resources from secondary sources.  This project seeks to determine red mud as an available source for rare earths and other metals eg. Iron, titanium, base and precious.    The purpose is to update the available information on Jamaica’s metallic mineral heritage beyond alumina (bauxite) in a bid to diversify and stimulate further development of the island’s mineral industry.  The red mud will also be assessed for its potential as an additive supporting the creation of valuable industrial products.

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