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Responsible Officer: Ms. Ahlete O'Gilvie

Responsible Minister: Hon. Phillip Paulwell

Principal Officer: Mr. Clinton Thompson, Commissioner of Mines

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Our Mission and Vision


To develop a comprehensive scientific understanding of the geology of the island and to direct the orderly development of the country’s mineral industry, ensuring all activities proceed in accordance with the mining
legislation and in harmony with the environment.


To become a center of excellence equipped with the capacity to ensure the optimum exploitation of the mineral resources of the country in a sustainable manner and reducing vulnerability to geological hazards and
natural disasters through integrated solutions.

Mining, Quarrying and Safety Inspectorate

The Mining, Quarrying and Safety Inspectorate is responsible for the enforcement of the Mining Act 1947, the Mineral (Vesting) Act, the Quarries (Control) Act 1983 and general supervision of all prospecting, quarrying and mining activities.

Through the Mining Inspectors, the Inspectorate carries out its policing of mining operations to ensure maintenance of good engineering practices and the rehabilitation of mined-out lands. This is done by:

  • Inspection and monitoring of areas with mining leases to ensure compliance with the Mining, Safety and Health regulations
  • Certification of rehabilitated mined out lands
  • Monitoring of all blasting activities islandwide
  • Investigation of complaints against holders of mining leases
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Maintaining a database on all lands within mining leases.

 The Inspectorate receives monthly bauxite production figures showing the amount of ore mined from each ore-body according to company. Each ore-body is mined until depleted, at which point the Inspectorate grants permission to reclaim the mined out lands as stipulated in the Mining Legislations. The Commissioner's Plaque is presented annually to one of the five (5) bauxite companies based on restored lands presented for certification. This is done at the National Mineral Industry Awards function.

Similarly, the Quarries Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of the Quarries Control Act and the general supervision of all quarrying activities across the island. This is done by:
  • Processing of applications for all quarry licences
  • Monitoring and regulating all legal quarries in the island to ensure accepted safety and engineering practices
  • Investigating reports on illegal quarrying
  • Establishment of quarry zones
  • Maintaining a database for volume of all quarry materials and quarry minerals produced

With the reduction in the number of illegal quarries and the high level of compliance by quarry operators, the Inspectorate continues to realize a yearly increase in quarry tax collection. Safety inspections and audits of quarries are carried out on a regular basis to ensure safe operations. This is especially so for larger operations involved in aggregate production. In sensitizing quarry operators on good quarry practices and procedures, an annual Quarries Operators' Seminar is held by the MGD as a further thrust to ensure compliance in the sector.

The Inspectorate's responsibility extends to monitoring all blasting operations in Jamaica. Pre and post blasting inspections are done to provide information for damage settlements where necessary. In addition, advice is given to neighbours affected by blasting activity during site clearance.


Administrative Services

Public Education

The library at the MGD is responsible for sorting and disseminating geological and mining information. It maintains a computerized catalogue system using the software CDSISIS. Textbooks, periodicals, magazines, newspaper clippings, maps, MGD's reports are all catalogued and made available to the general public. Other services offered to the public include:

  • Sale of geological, geochemical and geophysical map series (see Publications, Maps and Reports)
  • Rock cards and mineral samples
  • Publications such as: Jamaican Marble, Mineral Resources & Mineral Springs

Information Technology

The Information Technology Unit ensures that the MGD is adequately equipped in terms of information and communication technology (ICT) to provide information, which is accurate, timely and verifiable.

Human Resources

Human Resource and Administration This section is responsible for employment, administering conditions of employment and the Public Service Regulations (1961). In addition, it has direct supervision over the Registry and Office Management.

The Mining Registry is a statutory requirement under the mining Act. It is responsible for the processing of all applications under the Mining Act and the Quarries Control Act. These applications are prepared, approved by the Commissioner and issued under the law. A register is kept on all permits, licences and leases and made accessible to the public.

The General Registry is the documentation center of the organization. Daily functions include the sorting of internal and external mails and correspondences.


The Division has an Accounts Unit, which operates under guidelines of the Financial and Audit Act (F.A.A).

Office Management

This Unit is responsible for the procurement of office materials, equipment and furniture, as well as the maintenance of the property and vehicles. It also maintains a database on all of the entity's fixed assets.

Evaluation & Revenue

The Evaluation and Revenue Inspectorate organizes and executes quantity assessment programmes for all shipments of minerals from Jamaica. Through the Shipping Inspectors, tonnages are verified by the displacement method of measurement and assessments made of the royalty on bauxite. 

Tonnage information on bauxite is supplied to the Collector General for the collection of Bauxite Production Levy. In addition, the Inspectors also assess the quarry tax payable by all legitimate quarries. Mineral production statistics are made available to relevant agencies.

Mines & Geology Division
Ministry of Transport & Mining

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