About Mines and Geology


The MGD has the statutory responsibility under the Mining Act and the Quarries Control Act to exercise general supervision over all prospecting, mining and quarrying operations throughout the island. The Division also manages the investigation, characterization, documentation and release information on all aspects of the geology of Jamaica.

The customers of the Division include:

The MGD is divided into two main sections:


The continued focus on exploration activities by the Division cannot be over emphasized as more and more industrial and metallic minerals are identified in economic quantities. This was manifested in the identification of gold as well as high value industrial minerals. This allows for the diversification of the country’s minerals industry which has traditionally been associated with bauxite mining. The Division conducts Geotechnical/susceptibility (natural hazard) assessment to guide decision makers in developmental decisions in mitigating/reducing the risk from natural disasters to life and property. In addition, the Division through its analytical laboratory provides specialized services to the geosciences community as well as to environmental agencies, food processors and the quarry and construction sectors.


Mining is the next step after exploration and the mining inspectors are responsible for ensuring that all activities are conducted in compliance with the Mining Act, 1947, the Quarries Control Act, 1983 and the Gun Powder and Explosive Act as well as the corresponding Regulations. As such, the Division also processes all applications for prospecting rights, licences, leases and export permits for all minerals and quarry materials. Inspections are carried out at all mines and quarries to ensure good mine engineering practices, the complete mining and restoration of bauxite pits, investigation of complaints regarding illicit mining/quarrying and other environment matters, as well as ensuring the safety and health of all employees within the mining and quarrying sector. The Division, through its Evaluation and Revenue Unit is also responsible for determining and collecting royalties and quarry tax payable to the Government for all minerals and quarry materials sold or otherwise disposed of.

The Division continues to play an integral role in the strategic development of the country’s mineral resources and has adopted a number of measures to address some of the negative impacts of mining and quarrying. In addition, the MGD collaborates with a number of local and international organizations and represents the country on a number of bodies such as the International Seabed Authority, IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences), CAMMA(Mines Ministries of the Americas), inter alia.
Mines & Geology Division